What goes in,

must come out.

Across the world, communities are experiencing the benefits of wastewater testing. We can help you identify health risks before they hit.

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Community Wastewater Collected.

Wastewater Lab Sample Prepared.

Sample Analyzed for COVID-19.

“The human

body is an


system that


everything we

eat and


How it works

Some of the things we digest provide the nutrients our system needs; unnecessary and toxic items are eliminated in the toilet.

Vitamins, viruses, steroids, antibiotics, opioids, alcohol and stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline can tell a story about the health of a community.

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A picture

of health

Just like your own doctor can identify risks to your health by testing your urine of feces, we can measure the wellbeing of your community at your wastewater treatment plant.

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Most importantly, we can help you get ahead of coronavirus.

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Feel the love

“I think this is a game changer for public health. The power in this is knowing where the virus is before people are showing symptoms or being tested.”
Rosa InchaustiStrategic management and diversity director, Tempe, Arizona
Rosa Inchausti
Ours is a proactive system, where we can see an increase in viruses and can react even before people who are asymptomatic present at health care facilities.
Rolf HaldenChief technology officer, AquaVitas
Rolf Halden